A home for datasets.

Share and explore data.
Create beautiful visualizations and narratives.

Your data workflow, simplified.


A shareable container for your data.

Curio display
  • Simple upload process.
  • Access controls.
  • GraphQL API.
  • Tools for modifying your data.


Effortlessly create beautiful, interactive maps and charts.

Curio Visualization
  • Change map and chart styles.
  • Easily create time series, histograms, and other aggregations.
  • Interactive data filtering.
  • Layer data from different Curios into a Visualization.


Combine text, images and Visualizations into a web-based data narrative.

Curio Story
  • Drag-n-drop interface builder.
  • A simple Medium-style text editor to quickly create content.
  • Auto-lists, emojis, and @mentions.

Bring your data to life.

Visualizations allow you to create beautiful lenses of your data. Style, filter and customize shareable charts and maps.

visualization example
story content

Create web-based narratives and dashboards with Stories.

When working with data, context matters. Expressing your findings sometimes needs emphasis or explanation. With Stories, you can combine rich text editing with images, and Visualizations in any format.

story content

Choose who can modify, contribute to or see your data.

Give your teammates the right level of control to update data, create Visualizations or modify Stories.


    Upload your data, and we'll do the rest.

    Curio will analyze, index and create an API for your data.

    • Type inferencing
    • Index for search
    • Access controls
    • Analytics and aggregations
    • SQL API

    Context matters. Layer data from different sources.

    Finding needles in haystacks can be challenging. To build context, you can create multiple layers for charts or maps.

    map of dubai

    Enrich your data with location intelligence.

    Geocode your data, edit your geometry in
    real time, and measure distances.